We have noticed some individuals who have begun to use my last name Akhan after having become aware of our books, broadcasts and work in the Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African~Black) Community. 

For clarification, this is not part of our culture within Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu, Akwamu Nation in North America, nor is it a part of our culture within Odwiraman, Purified Nation of Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans~Black People) in the Western Hemisphere, in general. It is not sanctioned by us.

Your name derives directly from your unique relationship with the Abosom who govern your Okra/Okraa, your matriclan, your patriclan and as manifest via your direct Ancestresses and Ancestors of your spirit-genetic blood-circle. 

The use of the name of an individual who is unrelated to you as part of your identity comes from the whites and their offspring. The use of the name of the fictional cartoon character muhammad by thousands of our people in the pseudo-religion of islam is such an example. It obliterates any consciousness of their Ancestral clan and Deity inheritance - exactly as it was designed to do. 

We find this flawed approach by some who become involved in the Yoruba or purported Akan tradition. Because they were not instructed properly they never learn of their clan-filiation and simply take on the name of those who 'brought' them into the tradition. This is not in harmony with the reality of who we are. It actually keeps them ignorant of who they are and thus their Divine function in Creation. 

Of course the whites and their offspring will also employ other individuals to attempt to ally themselves with an organization or individual through taking on their names in order to later misrepresent the organization or individual in public for nefarious purposes.

See the video of our broadcast wherein we examine the taking on of your Ancestral name in detail:

Renen and Renenit: Nature and Function of the Ren (Name) within Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African~Black) People 


Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 
Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 
Akwamu Nation in North America 



  • How do you translate the hebrew name  יִסְכָּה (Yiskah) back to the medutu?

  • Yeda ase for making it known that we carry over euro practices to falsely claim them as Afrikan identity! We must do better in knowing of our Ancestral lineages and claiming them for our true, correct identities as well as for connecting to our ancestors! Release all of yurugu Afurakani/Afurakaitnit, especially their name, Ase!!!

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